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Our Colorectal Surgeons











Dr. Craig Brown

Dr. Adam Sang

Dr. Warren Strutt

Dr. Charles Browning II



Experts in the Medical Community


We have served the Denver Metro and Colorado community for the past 21 years. We serve on the American Cancer Society Colorado Colon & Rectal Cancer Taskforce, speaking to physician groups around Colorado on the importance of colon cancer screening and colonoscopy. We have appeared on television discussing the colorectal advantages of the newest "incision-less" robotic technology. We perform robotic surgery using the advanced DaVinci Xi robotic platform, a technology specifically designed to enhance the success of abdominal colorectal surgery. We are the exclusive colorectal surgeon providers for SCL Cancer Centers of Colorado. We are the sole providers of colon and rectal consultation services for Kaiser Permanente in Colorado. We work closely with the physicians of Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers providing surgical services for patients with colon cancer and rectal cancer. We have served our hospital communities through many committee memberships, including serving as Chairman and Vice-chairman of the department of surgery at P/SL Med Ctr. We provide leadership in cancer committees and Tumor Boards at our affiliated hospitals. We have served on the physician cancer advisory committee of HCA Sarah Cannon, Denver division. We have received numerous awards and honors from both our physician colleagues and through our patient’s reviews.


Trained Specialists


In addition to completing five years of general surgery training, colon & rectal surgeons have also completed additional specialized training approved by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery. This fellowship training is followed by a board certifying examination in the field of colon and rectal surgery. Only surgeons certified by the American Board of Colon and Rectal Surgery are qualified to call themselves Colon & Rectal Surgeons and treat complex proctologic, colon, and rectal problems. By virtue of our specialization, Colon & Rectal Surgeons achieve lower complication rates than other surgeons. As a result of this focus and specialization, we perform a larger number of cases in our field of expertise. Studies have repeatedly shown that surgical success is directly related to surgeon volume. This is as true for colon and rectal cancer as it is true for hemorrhoid treatment and hemorrhoid surgery.


Our Quality of Care


First and foremost, our priority of a strong communication with our patients starts by providing appropriate time during the first office visit. Answering questions and sharing information so that our patients understand the nature of the problem or diagnosis is our passion. We provide leadership in the development of the diagnostic and treatment plan, often organizing for our patients the various tests and doctors they need to see. Our communication continues with our surgical and hospital RN nurses, whom we have worked with for many years, providing a seamless link from treatment plan to delivery of care. We have developed with our hospital partners an Enhanced Recovery After Surgery protocol which has been proven to achieve greater patient satisfaction, shorter hospital stays, and fewer post-operative complications. Our patients are cared for at modern hospitals which provide private rooms, on surgery-specific floors. We believe that the peri-operative care our patients receive is as important to their safe recovery as the surgical expertise we deliver.

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