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We perform Colonoscopies at Midtown Surgery Center in Denver, CO. 

To start the process, fill out the electronic form below. You will be contacted to schedule. 

The Colon and Rectal Clinic of Colorado is the largest colon and rectal surgery group in the Rocky Mountain region and a major colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and proctology referral center, serving the entire metro Denver, Front Range and Colorado community. Our four offices (located in Aurora, Centennial, central Denver, and Lafayette/Broomfield) regularly welcome persons traveling from throughout Colorado and Wyoming, including Fort Collins, Boulder, Greeley, Limon/Hugo, Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction, and Cheyenne, WY.






We offer a discrete and respectful therapeutic office environment. Our staff and board certified physicians ensure that you receive the best and most efficient care for your specific needs in a friendly, empathetic, supportive environment. 


We offer all forms of management, both office-based and surgical. Most people will put off dealing with their suffering or fears because they assume surgery is the only solution (with a painful recovery). However, the majority of hemorrhoid or anorectal conditions are successfully treated in a non-surgical way, often in one or two painless office visits. For those persons needing surgical care, modern post-operative pain management results in a humane recovery.


We strive to exceed your expectations.


Each March we celebrate National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. For important information regarding symptoms, prevention, treatment, and screenings, please visit this page.

Colon & Rectal Surgical Treatments and Procedures

In addition to traditional surgical technique, we specialize in minimally invasive colon and rectal surgery using state of the art laparoscopic and robotic technology (utilizing the Da Vinci Xi robotic surgical platform). This results in smaller incisions, in comparison to traditional access, with the goal of less post-operative pain and faster return to your normal activities.

We manage colon & rectal cancer with the intention of cancer cure and anal muscle preservation. We are surgical specialists in avoiding permanent colostomy. We perform curative J-pouch surgery for patients with ulcerative colitis. We work closely with our gastroenterology colleagues in the coordinated management of complex Crohn's issues.


We perform hundreds of screening colonoscopies yearly. We utilize the most gentle bowel cleansing protocols.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)

Our surgeons have been consistently named as 



Hemorrhoid Center Treatment Facility in Denver, CO


Our surgeons specialize in both painless and minimally invasive treatments for hemorrhoids

We have contributed physician leadership in the development of hospital programs to provide patient-centered care following major surgical procedures. These programs focus on pain management, rapid return to normal physical activity, reduction of preventable peri-operative complications and shortened hospital stay.  Please watch the short video above which describes how we care for you during your in-hospital recovery.

















We perform screening colonoscopy at Midtown Surgical Center in Denver.


Colonoscopy is highly effective in reducing your risk of developing colon and rectal cancer. Screening for both men and women, at average risk, should begin at age of 45 y.o. Some groups such as African-Americans may benefit from screening at an earlier age. Speak with us if you have specific questions about your personal or family history.

For several reasons there can be a reluctance to obtain the procedure. Two reasons are 1) the $ cost associated with the procedure, and 2) reluctance to undergo the preparatory laxative bowel cleanse. Our system of scheduling the exam is specifically designed to minimize the total $ expense to you and your insurance company. We do not require a pre-procedure office visit, communicating with you instead by phone and/or email. Additionally, with the use of the split-prep Miralax bowel preparation, we use the easiest to complete, best tolerated and most effective laxative program. Let us know if you have struggled with past bowel preps. We can prescribe anti-nausea medication as appropriate.


Please view our video about colonoscopy located on the webpage: Our Services, Colonoscopy (Or click on the link "Screening Colonoscopy" below).  It addresses many questions associated with the preparation for colonoscopy and the exam itself.

Schedule Colorectal Cancer Screening

Call our clinic to schedule your screening colonoscopy

Treatment of Hemorrhoid, Colon & Rectal Issues

Our clinic treats a broad range of colon & rectal and proctologic issues, including:


Hemorrhoids, both internal and external

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Bleeding, anal and/or rectal

Anal pain and anal fissures

Anal fistula and anal infection

Anal itching

Anal warts

Anal skin tags

Pilonidal cysts


Colon cancer and rectal cancer

Inflammatory Bowel Disease, including Crohn’s, and ulcerative colitis

Anal muscle weakness, fecal incontinence

Rectal prolapse

Screening colonoscopy



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